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Ameritech is a family-based computer repair center that has been serving the Rehoboth Beach, Delaware area since 2003. The formation of Ameritech was based on the concept that customers want prompt service, attention to detail, and the peace of mind that working one-on-one with an experienced technician provides. Based on our success within the community, the past nine years of our company's existence has proven this concept to be true. Offering our customers both a personal and superior alternative to the ever-growing corporate chain stores is a strength that we take great pride in.


We at Ameritech understand that the more the home computer becomes a part of everyday life, the more important the contents and functionality of a PC becomes. It is indeed a hopeless feeling when a problem strikes a customer's computer and they immediately find themselves at the risk of forever losing sometimes years worth of family pictures, music, schoolwork, or business and tax information. The problem is that computers are complex devices containing several internal components that at some point will inevitably fail. The last thing someone in this predicament wants is to leave their computer at an electronics superstore that will regard them as a number while further jeopardizing their PC by putting it in the hands of inexperienced technicians that usually don't earn much more than minimum wage. A customer wants to sit down with an understanding and accomplished technician and be offered both effective and timely solutions.


We at Ameritech have a balance of both understanding and expertise that sets us apart from everyone else. We have a bond of trust strong enough with our customers that they can enjoy the luxury of knowing if anything happens to their computer, we are just a phone call away. At Ameritech, there is never an obligation or fee to examine your computer. One of our skilled technicians will thoroughly inspect and diagnose your computer going over all repair options with you before any charges for labor occur. Many of the simple fixes we offer our customers are handled with a simple telephone call for which there is never a fee. In conclusion, if something has stopped your computer dead in its tracks, if you are noticing a difference in the performance of your computer or if something just doesn't seem quite right, we invite you to come to our location and put all of your computer worries to rest. Don't worry about learning to understand your computer. Let us teach your computer to understand you.


AmeriTech has moved to a more central location!


AmeriTech PC, Laptop, Server and Tablet Repair


"Now, Centraly located in Sussex County, Delaware"


Great news!... AmeriTech has moved to a more central location for the Sussex County, DE area! Our new location enables us to more easily service more areas of the Delmarva Pennisula than ever before. Making house calls to individuals and business entities is our job and we do it well. Now we are just a phone call and a few minutes away from delivering to you the very best in computer repair, virus and spyware removal, network setup and maintenance. Large or, small problem, you can rely on AmeriTech to get the fix done right.

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Virus Removal

Don's tip o' the day...
Ransomware is malicious software that locks you out of your computer or your data, and demands money to let you back in.
One "brand" of ransomware, widely known as Reveton, has been very widely circulated in recent months.

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"Teaching Computers to Understand Their Owners"


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